AI that empowers law firms

Build competitive advantage through AI, without compromising on security, reliability or the knowledge that make your firm unique.

The firms knowledge,
at your fingertips.

Find all the relevant material and information from within your firm, as well as public sources, in one place. Baldur helps you find all the relevant information you need to make the right decisions - from previous cases, relevant legal precedents, and internal memos.


Get insights into new matters in seconds.

Baldur is trained specifically for legal matters, and can help you track down relevant findings across thousands of documents in seconds.

Revolutionize collaboration within your firm.

Our knowledge-base can answer your employees questions before they reach your mobility team‘s inbox. When the knowledge-base doesn‘t have the answers, our team of tax experts will gladly jump in.


Baldur understands your business.

Be up an running in minutes with our cloud solution, or host it yourself. Either way, no data will ever leave your firm.

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