AI to empower law firms

We believe generative AI has the potential to fundamentally change the way knowledge work is delivered. However, harnessing the full power of AI to create value for lawyers requires a deep understanding of the legal domain. Instead of starting with the technology, and trying to find problems to solve with it, we started with the problem and built the technology to solve it.

Founder Robin Moe
Founder Leandro Ostera

How it got started

Since 2017, Robin has been building legal tech solutions for lawyers within Deloitte, EY and Cederquist. As a lawyer and a developer he saw the potential of AI to support the lawyers in preparing legal work, but also the challenges of making it work in practice.

Leandro brings experience building complex software from companies like Klarna, Spotify, Walnut and several startups.

Baldur aims to create a new generation of legal tech solutions that empower lawyers to get the full potential out of AI within their specific domain.